Creating a Custom Kanban Board
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Creating a Custom Kanban Board


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How do I create a Custom Kanban Board?


Component: ACSAAS


Please follow these steps to learn how to Create a Custom Kanban Board:

First, setup Kanban State Fields

1. Click the Setup icon (hammer and wrench)

2. Click Workspaces and Projects

3. Click your workspace

4. Click Fields from left, select Type = Defect from the dropdown
(NOTE: Multivalue type fields will not work for mapping of Kanban fields)

5. Click + New Field > name this whatever you want, suggested name is "Kanban State" 

6. Select Type = Drop Down List > enter the values one per line (these will be your column titles)

7. Click Save & Close

Repeat steps 4-7 exactly the same, except for Type = User Story.

NOTE: The field for User Story must be exactly the same as the Defect field, otherwise it won't show up in your Kanban Board settings!

Second, install the Kanban app

1. Leave the Setup Area and go back to the project
2. Select the tab you want to add this page to (Home, Plan, Track etc) and select the + button to add a page > Name it > choose the project to Share with – this way everyone who works on the project will have access (important step!)
3. Add the Kanban App > settings wheel > Add app, it listed under the boards section
4. Kanban Settings > select the smaller settings wheel
5. Select the Project
6. Columns = Kanban State (see your fields)
7. Double click to edit inline > Show = yes > Schedule State Mapping = your choice (I recommend showing the default ‘None’ column in case something is not mapped yet, it will show up in this column, and actually, until mapped, everything will show up here.)
8. Save

Third, Mapping – there are 2 options: Manual and Bulk Edit

1. Manually drag each card from the None Column to the appropriate column on the board. Doing this will automatically change their scheduled state. Once this is completed you can remove the None Column from your view.
2. Bulk Edit: from the Iteration Status Page (ISP)

a. change to List View
b. Collapse all User Stories so you do not see Tasks and Child Stories (you only want to edit from the Parent stories – everything else will automatically follow but will not change their state)
c. Show Filters (the little blue funnel icon)
d. Select the state you want to show (for ex ‘In progress’) - show only ONE at a time
e. check the ‘Select All’ box (small box next to the word rank on the left side of the screen)
f. select the settings wheel next to one of the US (does not matter which one) > Edit
g. select Kanban State > select Kanban state, state (this is the column these US’s will appear in on the new Kanban Board)
h. Apply

3. Go through each Filter to assign each group to the new Kanban Scheduled State.


Additional Information

We recommended you create identical fields for Defect and User Story so that you can see the values regardless of the view.