F5 BigIP devices show no Memory data for virtual entities
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F5 BigIP devices show no Memory data for virtual entities


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After discovery completes for F5 BigIP devices Memory elements are created and data is present in reports as a result of polling activity.

This memory data represents the 95% of memory the primary device utilizes.

The memory statistics for the virtual entities managed by the device are not present for reporting or historical analysis. No certifications exist to apply to the device and no elements are created to gather the data via polling.

How can CA Performance Management Data Aggregator be configured to gather this data for reporting?


All supported CA Performance Manager releases


These devices create virtual servers style entities.  This is similar to other Virtual Host Management operations in products like CA Spectrum and CA Performance Management. 

If the devices virtual entities aren't discovered independently this is the behavior we would observe.


We need one of the following criteria met to provide individual stats for the virtual entities, whether its CPU, Memory, or other specific stats for the virtual entity: 

A: Data in the primary devices MIB tables segregated by each virtual entity having it's own index entry which ties back specific data values only to that entity. Same operation as interface tables. 
B: A unique SNMP agent to discover and poll, which contains the necessary data to gather, on the virtual entity. That could then be treated as an SNMP managed device to provide metric data for MIB data that is present.