Backup Top Secret Security Files
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Backup Top Secret Security Files


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


How does one go about backing up the BACKUP file to tape, after the daily backup?

Install Guide only talks about backing up with TSSXTEND to another DASD formatted file; never a sequential tape backup. Can IEHPROGM per TSSRESTN? 

(VSAMBKUP is easy, of course, just using REPRO from IDCAMS) 

How does one go about backing up the RECFILE to tape?

Would one use TSSRCVR1 to collect the commands, and back that up, rather than copying the RECFILE itself with IEHPROGM?




To backup restore the security file, there are three members in the CAKOJCL0 which are: SMSBCKUP; SMSRESTN; SMSRESTR

These jobs are the way to backup security files with ADRDSSU utility. 

This utility can be used as well to backup the RECFILE. The RECFILE can be saved with IEBGENER as well, it is not a keyed dataset. 

It might not be needed to backup your RECFILE. It is a wrap around file and if it is large enough to contain all security file modifications/updates between two backups, then when your backup takes place the contents of the RECFILE is no longer useful.

Additional Information

For CA Top secret r16.0 you can have more information about the RECFILE backup at:

You can also review the BACKUP procedures at: