Identity Governance Certification status
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Identity Governance Certification status


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On certification home page, certification due days is displayed even when a user completed 100% certification. What could be causing this?


Component: SGRM


The state reported is because the BusinessFlow did not completed yet and business flow stay under the "Certification Management" category of "Active Certifications". (go to Home and in the botton of page click ver "See all" link to show different groups of Certification classified by States)

When a businesflow completes this moves from group "Active Certifications" to "Inactive Certifications" that does now show "Certification/Days Due" because the Certification is Inactive.

Only when certification is active this stay in the group "Active Certifications" that reports "Certification/Days Due".

We can take the ID of BusinessFlow from menu Administration /  Workflows and use this folowing SELECT command on DB to check the Status column of Workflow BusinessFlow: (This is an example in MS SQL server)

SELECT State  FROM [eurekify_sdb].[dbo].[BusinessFlows] WHERE BusinessFlowId = 313

State can be:

-  0  means CREATED -  All BusinssFlowTask's have been created but BusinessFlow was not started yet;

- 1  means also IN_PROGRESS - At least one BusinssFlowTask's workpoint job was started. Certifications campaigns that are in this state are grouped as "Active Certifications"

- 2 means STOPPED

- 3  means ARCHIVED

- 4 means TEMPLATE

- 5 means was being PURGED.

- 6  means COMPLETED - All BusinssFlowTasks are completed - This certifications will shows under group "Inactive Certifications"

- 7  means CREATE

- 8 means RECCURING - Campaign template, rather than recurring 


Certification is part of a specific group that is still active. So this will not be removed until the group is complete.