How to move robots to a new domain using a superpack
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How to move robots to a new domain using a superpack


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have many robots (Windows and Linux) where we want to move them to our new domain.
Is there a way to script this without uninstalling the Nimsoft from each robot?


UIM : All supported UIM versions


1- Using IM Console, select one of the robots you want to move.

2- Locate the "controller" probe and drag it to the Archive.
    You will be prompted with  dialogue box.

3- Change to "Configuration Only" (if not already checked).
     Rename the package.


4- Locate the new package in the archive and "Edit"

5- Edit the robot.cfx file

Replace the contents as shown below:

Be mindful of whether the original cfg file had hubdomainname, you may also need to include that.
Save the package.

6- Drag the new package to the robot you want to move to the new domain.

7- Look for the robot on the new domain.

Please note you may need to "Remove Robot" on the robot in the original domain.

Additional Information

Note: This is something that may be helpful for a lab environment. 

It is not recommended to do this in a production environment without substantial prior testing and validation.




Requirements when trying to move robots between domains

1) Basic network connectivity
2) Hub Name services entries to create static routes between hubs
Hubs discover other hubs by sending out broadcast (UDP) messages. Secondary hubs that are separated from the primary hub by routers or firewalls cannot discover other hubs over UDP. Configure a static route between the hubs. Static routes can be used to connect two hubs that are in the same environment, and reside on different network subnets.
3) Ability to access/reach the robot you're trying to Move
4) Connectivity check - use ping/traceroute/tracert
5) Make sure hub<->robot communication isn't being blocked, e.g., by local/remote firewall(s)
6) Ideally, robots/hubs are resolvable via DNS especially when using the DNS 'lookup' option in the Move utility



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