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How to uninstall and then reinstall CABI probe in UIM 20.x


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


How do I completely uninstall CABI from UIM 20.x? How to remove CABI from UIM? 

This KB provides steps to completely remove/uninstall CABI from UIM.

You may need to uninstall and reinstall CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Bundled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • CABI doesn't start
  • Cannot access the dashboard or the dashboard fails to load
  • Data Access Error, e.g., in OC Reports page 


  • UIM ALL supported versions
  • CABI 4.x
  • uim_core_dashboards_pack - related versions
  • uim_cabi_health_report_pack - related versions
  • uim_unified_reporter_pack - related versions
  • ump_cabi - related versions


  1. - Gather the scripts for MS SQL server (attached to this KB), or MySQL and Oracle from the following location on the cabi server, and save them off:

      \Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\config\scripts\drop_tables\Scripts for Upgraded versions
  2. Delete cabi probe (via IM or AC)
  3. Delete wasp probe (via IM or AC)
  4. RDP to the Cabi server and delete ../nimsoft/c folder
  5. Delete ../nimsoft/probes/service/cabi folder
  6. Delete ../nimsoft/probes/service/wasp folder
  7. Run the delete queries against the UIM SQL database 3 times (attached script) (or previous grabbed scripts in the case of MySQL, and Oracle)
    Note: This is required due to some overlap in dependencies.
  8. Deploy the cabi probe to the cabi server
    Note: Wasp probe will be automatically deployed with Cabi probe
  9. Verify the following packs are deployed to the cabi server
       a. uim_unified_reporter_pack
       b. uim_cabi_health_report_pack
       c. uim_core_dashboards_pack
  10. Cabi probe will take ~15 minutes to start
  11. Try to login to Cabi page once Cabi and wasp probes have ports and PIDs
    Login to the CABI server http://<CABI IP address or FQDN>/cabijs 


Additional Information

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