How to Import/Export Offerings in Service Catalog
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How to Import/Export Offerings in Service Catalog


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CA Service Catalog


Import/Export an offering from one Service Catalog environment to another.  Please be aware that this will cause the offering to be placed in the non-categorized folder (Root folder) in Service Catalog. 


Service Catalog

All Supported Operating Systems


1. Login to Service Catalog as an Administrator. Go to Administration Tab –> Tools –> Import Export Utility. Choose 'Object type' to export an Event/Form/Service offering XML separately.

2. Select ‘Service Offering’ in the object Type and Object Classifier dropdowns.  Provide the Service Offering name that needs to be exported. Click ‘Start Export’ button to export the selected offering

3. Repeat the above steps for other Service Offerings and Events.  This will export each Service Offering into its XML file.

4. Import the Event/Form/Service XML in the same order. Select the ‘Service Offering’ for Object Type and choose the XML file to import the related offering links (i.e. Event and Forms etc.).  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Event/Form XMLs have to be imported before the Service Offerings XML

5. By default, the Service Offerings are linked with IDs and not by the Service Offering name. The Service Offering would be created in the root structure 

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