USM Web View login fails
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USM Web View login fails


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


When trying to login to USM web view the login fails with any EEM or samuser account


Release: 4.2-Service Operations Insight


There are couple of reason why this problem can happen
-  If EEM "Application Name" value is different in files where they exist
-  If the files in ssaweb folder is corrupted.


Please note that USM Web view login does not accept the "samuser" account, it only accepts EEM user accounts.
- Make sure "eiam.application" values matches in all 3 files below

   NOTE: if you haven't made changes to the above file then this file will be located in CA\SOI\tomcat\webapps\sam                                           
- If you have to make changes to the above files then you'll have to run the \SOI\tomcat\registry\registryloader.bat and recycle the SOI Application server service.

- If the EEM Application Name is same in above files then rebuild the ssaweb folder
  Stop SOI User Interface and SOI indexer service
  Rename or delete \SOI\SamUI\webapps\ssaweb
  Start the SOIUI and Indexer service, the ssaweb folder will be recreated.