Datamaker: How to maintain object tags
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Datamaker: How to maintain object tags


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


How to maintain object tags in GTDatamaker.

This feature is designed to group a large number of registered tables and columns together based on criteria.
This is particularly useful when performing any action on the registered object(s) or when writing transformation rules in the Transformation map screen.
By clicking on the tag, only the set of tables that fit the definition of the tag will be displayed making the tester's life easy whenever he/she is working with a large set of tables.


Datamaker 3.2 and later


1. Launch GTDatamaker.
2. Go to Tools -> Maintain Object tags.
3. Maintain Object tags page will come up with many options.

Page Description:
a. Show Objects: You can either select Registered objects or Current Data Target. Tables will be displayed accordingly in the middle pane.
b. Object Filter: You can save the filter at the Current Project level or Current Project Version level or make it available to ALL.
c. Object Type: You can group either based on the TABLE level or the COLUMN level.
d. Table Filter: Helps filter based on names.
4. Click on the green plus button and give the object tag an appropriate name.
5. Move the tables accordingly from the middle pane to the right hand side pane for your tag and click on the save button.

You have now successfully created your own tag.

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