How to transfer templates from one environment to other
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How to transfer templates from one environment to other


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In this document you have the steps to export the Active Directory Template from one environment and import it to another one.

Note that we are referring to Active Directory Template but you can use it to any other Endpoint type



Identity Manager 12.x


We will use JXplorer as LDAP Browser, but you can use other one if you already have one in your system.


1. Open JXplorer and connect to your Provisioning Server, below the details to connect to 

2. Navigate to eta > im > CommonObjects > Active Directory Policies 

3. Select your Template 

4. In menu, select LDIF > Export Subtree 

5. Edit the ldif file and Remove the lines with attribute: 



6. From your Prod environment, connect to JXplorer, Provisioning Server 

7. In menu, LDIF > Import File 

8. Select the ldif file you just edit in step 5 

9. Click Submit button

10. Close JXplorer

11. Open Provisioning Manager or IdM UI and set the new Endpoint




Below details to connect to Provisioning Server 

Host: Provisioning Server Hostname 

Port: 20389 

BaseDN: dc=eta 

BindDN: eTGlobalUserName=myuser,eTGlobalUserContainerName=Global Users,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc=im,dc=eta 

Password: Provisioning Global User Password 


Note: Connecting to Provisioning Server repository can cause data corruption if you are not familiar with it. Please, pay attention while connected.

Additional Information

In case you do not have JXplorer on your system, you can download it from: