Opening Enhancement Request for Output Management Web Viewer
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Opening Enhancement Request for Output Management Web Viewer


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Deliver View Output Management Web Viewer


Broadcom support may ask you to open an idea for your enhancement request or you may just want to create one. 


Release: Output Management Web Viewer
Component: wbvluw


 To open an Idea:

  1. Go to Broadcom Mainframe Communities
  2. Sign in with your Broadcom Support portal credentials
  3. Under the Communities Tab Drop down, Select  Mainframe Software
  4. Scroll down and Select Output Management Web Viewer from the list of products
  5. Click on Ideas on the top bar
  6. Click on ADD on the right side
  7. This will open up a screen where you can put in a title and body  
  8. Add as many details as possible to interest others in your Idea. You want others to find and vote on your Idea.
  9. For Select Categories, browse Output Management Web Viewer
  10. Click on Submit
  11. Very important- Vote Up your Idea. 
  12. Make a note of the link for your Idea.  The number at the end of the link is your Idea number. 


Additional Information

Of course you can use these instructions to create an Idea for any Broadcom Product, just select your own product name instead of Output Management Web Viewer