How do I prevent old Alarms coming in from NTEVL
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How do I prevent old Alarms coming in from NTEVL


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some times when we have a windows server restart we will get old alarms being sent from NTEVL probe.
This scenario applies to NTEVL probes deployed both manually and via Monitoring Profiles 
How to we correct this so it does not happen?


All UIM supported verions
NTEVL 4.31 and above


When the probe starts up each time it should have the last read position.

Some times on shutting down there will be an error and the counters will be reset

To correct this, you can enable the backup position feature.

From the documentation:

ntevl IM Configuration

Enable Position File Backup Interval: allows the probe to back up the position file.
Default: Not selected

Position File Backup Interval: defines the time interval when the probe backs up the position file.
Default: 10 Seconds

Note: The probe keeps the backup of the position file during an unexpected system reboot or system crash. In such cases, reboot alarms occur, but it is possible to get duplicate alarms for the specified time interval.
the keys are:

enable_pos_backupfile = yes
pos_backup_interval = 10