Agile Central Timesheet Integration error: "This content cannot be displayed in a frame"


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We are configuring the PPM Timesheets Integration for CA Agile Central for the first time and it's not working:

In the frame for the integration on Agile Central, we see 

  • "This content cannot be displayed in a frame", along with another message and a link indicating "What you can try: Open this content in a new window".
    • Clicking on that link opens up the timesheets of the New UX in Clarity PPM


  • SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle <...> has not been defined

In google chrome users may see:

  • no content in the frame.   


  • This is due to the Timesheet Integration not being configured correctly for SSO-enabled environments
    • Clarity PPM Hostname or other related settings on the Agile Central setting side.
    • 'Referrer URL' value not set or does not match the Clarity PPM Hostname in Rally


CA PPM SaaS and CA Agile Central SaaS with SSO enabled on both.


  1. Ensure the following settings are made as referenced at: Integrate Clarity PPM Timesheets in Agile Central
  • Clarity PPM Host Name (For SSO, this will be the IDP URL)
    • If you're not using SSO, then this will be the host name or URL for the desired environment.
      • For example, in SaaS environments this would be your environment URL.
    • In an SSO environment, enter the first part of the URL that takes you to your IdP for authentication.
      • Example: https://<mycompany>.<myidpname>.com
  •  Clarity PPM Port (HTTPS)
    • In a non-SSO environment, enter the Clarity PPM server port number.
    • In an SSO environment, enter the IdP port number.
  • Clarity PPM Timesheet Path (For SSO only)
    • Enter the part of the URL (after the IdP URL) that takes you to the PPM home page. You can append the path to take the user directly to the timesheet page. See the following example:
2. Ensure that the Referrer URL value is set in the Agile Central integration from Clarity PPM and that this value matches Clarity PPM Host Name in Agile Central for the timesheet configuration.

  • Navigate to your Clarity PPM environment
  • Go to Administration > Integrations > Open one of the integrations for Agile Central defined there
  • Populate the Referrer URL field with the appropriate value
    • For an SSO environment, this defines the identity provider (IDP) URL for CA PPM in an SSO environment. You can obtain this from your network administrator, and this should be the base domain of the IDP URL.

      3. Make sure all other Integration settings in Administration->Integrations are also populated correctly to ensure the Agile Central Synchronization works correctly including Default Agile Central Owner ID and Default Project ID.

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