No automatic Online Backup of DUAS nodefiles
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No automatic Online Backup of DUAS nodefiles


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The online backup of DUAS instances is generally done with the command uxbck.
This way the restoration of a node is quickly done by reinstalling the node and restoring the files of the online backup. However, the node files directory, that contains files like U_ANTE_UPROC, U_POST_UPROC or unienv_specific.ksh/bat, are not automatically backed up.

Also the Dollar Universe Maintenance Session, based on uxbck, does not separately store these node files.


The node files are stored here:
Windows: <DUAS>\data\nodefiles\
Unix: <DUAS>/data/nodefiles/


Expected behavior until 6.10.x version


If your nodes are on version 6.9.x or inferior:

The node files should be backed up separately. This can be achieved by one of the following options:
1. Modifying the Maintenance Session
2. Using an external backup of the Dollar Universe directories
3. Backing up the instance regularly offline using unibackup (with the "full" option)

If your nodes are on version 6.10.x or superior:

All the other subfolders and files present in data and data/XXX subfolders will also be backuped with the command "uxbck uni" if the parameter all is added to the command as stated in the documentation:

Optional. Incompatible with IDX. Backups all .dta and .idx files and also:
If EXP or no area: backups the sub-directories data_java, data_jde, data_psoft, nodefiles, res and runbooks if they are not empty.
If EXP, SIM, INT ou APP: backups the sub-directories evt, fla, local, network and upr if they are not empty.
The sub-directory UNI_DIR_ROOT/Thirdparty is not backed-up by the command and must be taken into account independently by the user.