Using version 14.0 CUSMAC members in 15.1 Active Upgrade
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Using version 14.0 CUSMAC members in 15.1 Active Upgrade


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When using the Active Upgrade process to upgrade from version 14.0 to 15.1, it is necessary to reassemble all the custom modules using job BDCUSUPG. However, is there an easy way to keep from having to modify the version 15.1 members again, and to include existing source code from version 14.0?


Release: 15.1



We recommend that you copy your version 14.0 CUSMAC members into the version 15.x CUSMAC before running the BDCUSUPG job. This will be the best way to allow you to have your 14.0 changes in the 15.x environment, and will also allow you to further change these and reassemble them as needed for future 15.x changes without affecting your version 14.0 environment.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.