Data Movement: Moving or Copying Data From One Workspace to Another
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Data Movement: Moving or Copying Data From One Workspace to Another


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


How to move data from one workspace to another workspace.


Unfortunately there is no direct, automated means for moving projects or artifacts to another workspace. Rally workspaces were created as distinct containers designed to provide separation of customer data. 


There are three options for moving data:
1. Export to CSV
2. Add-in for Excel
3. Technical Services

1. Actions -> Export to CSV and Actions -> Import 


One way to copy work items between workspaces would be to use the "Export to CSV" function found on various Rally Software pages (in the "Actions" or "Page Tools" menus), then use the Import function in the new workspace to import the items. To be sure to get all the fields on the work item you need, you can use the "Columns" drop down menu to control which fields are exported. 

The export feature is available on the Plan > User Stories, Quality > Test Cases and Quality > Defects page. 

The import template can be viewed by going to the summary page and clicking Actions > Import and then selecting the "Download Data Import Template". The summary pages where this functionality is available are: Plan > User Stories, Quality > Test Cases and Quality > Defects. 

Note: Unfortunately the CSV Export Templates are not designed to be "Round Trip". In other words, the format of some attributes in the Exported CSV does not match that required for re-Import to Rally. 

For Example: 
Defect Priority: 
Exported Format: 2 - High Attention 
Required Import Format: High Attention 

As a result, for files Exported from the Actions menu, a fair amount of manual manipulation of data is required before re-importing into the Target Workspace. 

2. Add-In for Excel


Another option you may want to explore is using the Excel Add-in to export and import your data. Here is a link to the installation and user guide, which contains a video that may be helpful: 

Excel Add-in 2.4.4

Excel Add-in Beta

See help link for Installation pre-requisites. 

Limitations (applicable to both Options 1 & 2 above): 


- Hierarchies: There isn't automated way to move entire hierarchies, either of Artifacts (i.e. Portfolio Item / Story Hierarchies), or Projects. 

- Associated Work Products: There isn't an automated way to export all Tasks from a Source Workspace, and re-import them and have them automatically associated to previously-imported Stories in a Target Workspace, as an example. The same applies to Story-linked Defects and Test Cases, and Feature-linked Stories or Story Hierarchies. 

- Non-Preservation of ScheduleState. Note that importing Tasks can change the ScheduleState of Stories or Defects to which they might be associated. For instance, an Accepted Story in the Source Workspace, might have Tasks that are not marked as Completed. If Stories are exported from the Source Workspace, and re-imported to the Target, initially, the ScheduleState will match between Source and Target. However, upon importing non-Completed Tasks to Accepted Stories in the Target Workspace, the affected Stories will automatically move back to "In-Progress", per Rally's rules for auto-rollup. 

- Timeboxes: If you wish to copy any Releases/Iterations associated to a Project, you will need to recreate the necessary Releases and Iterations, throughout the Project hierarchy in the Target Workspace. 

- Reports and charts: Cumulative flow data (i.e. Release/Iteration burndowns, etc. cannot be copied). 

- Artifact Ownership/Permissions: If you wish to preserve Owner/SubmittedBy attributes for Artifacts/Defects, you'll need to ensure that the Users from the Source Workspace have all needed permissions in the Target Workspace. 

- Other data types/items: There also isn't an automated way to migrate Attachments, Discussions, Predecessors/Successors, Revision Histories, Tags, Test Case Results, or Test Steps. In addition, for any Custom Fields, Workspace attributes will also need to be updated so that Custom Fields exist in both Source and Target Workspaces, and field values match the required/available values before importing to the target. 

- Dashboards, Custom Pages, Apps, and App Settings. These cannot be migrated or copied from Workspace to Workspace. 

3. Rally Technical Services 


Finally, our Technical Services Team can copy Projects from one Workspace to another in somewhat automated way, that preserves Project and Artifact hierarchies. This is a fee-based service. If you are interested in assistance from Technical Services to accomplish a data copy from Workspace to Workspace, please contact your Rally Software Account Manager who can assist in scoping this effort with our Technical Services Team.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Revision history is not preserved
  • Data for past burndown/burnup charts (cumulative flow data) is not preserved
  • Automatically set fields (e.g., CreationDate, AcceptedDate, FormattedID) will be reset upon re-copy
  • Custom pages are not copied


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