How to create global seedlist in Datamaker.
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How to create global seedlist in Datamaker.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


This document enlists the steps required to convert a project level seed list to a global setting level, so it is visible from all projects.
When you create a seedlist manually under the context of a project, the seedlist remains accessible only to that specific project and is not accessible by other projects.
We will need to make changes from the backend to make this available for global use.



Datamaker 3.2 and later
Test Data Manager


1. Launch GTDatamaker.
2. Got to Test Data->Test Data Repository SQL Window. Enter the administrator credentials.
3. Run this query
MS SQL Server syntax:

update dbo.gtrep_reference_data set rd_proj_id = 0 where rd_ref_id = '<Seedlistname>';

Oracle Syntax:

update gtrep.gtrep_reference_data set rd_proj_id = 0 where rd_ref_id = '<Seedlistname>';

Note: gtrep is the schema name which holds the repository tables.

The local seedlist is now converted into a global one.