How can I change the device model names and IP address of devices in bulk?
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How can I change the device model names and IP address of devices in bulk?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have to change the name and the IP address of a large amount of switches, which are monitored with Spectrum.  We don't want to delete and recreate them, because we want to keep the graphical topology as we currently have it arranged. We plan to do that via script, using the REST API.

What attributes do we need to change and what steps are recommended?


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


  1. Put devices into maintenance

  2. Change IP on the physical switch and wait for them to pick up their new IP with DHCP

  3. Change the following attributes in Spectrum using REST API:

    Network_Address (0x12d7f)
    Model_Name (0x1006e)

    PrimaryAddress (0x12d80)
    will also need to be changed to reflect the new network address.  This attribute is used for IP Redundancy but should be done as a best practice, even if IP Redundancy functionality is not enabled.

  4. Ping switches from Spectrum to check that they answer with the new IP

  5. Remove maintenance

The above changes will trigger other attribute changes automatically, e.g.

atNetAddress         (0x10fcd)
legacyNetworkAddress (0x1027f)
ipAdEntAddr          (0x100ae)

Additional Information

IP Redundancy functionality.

IP Redundancy is enabled by default. If Spectrum loses contact with the IP address populated in the Network_Address attribute 0x12d7f and IP Redundancy is enabled, Spectrum will try to regain contact with the device using the ip addresses listed in the RedundancyPreferredAddresses attribute id 0x12d84.

Reference the "IP Redundancy Subview" section in the Spectrum documentation for more information.

TechDocs : DX NetOps Spectrum 22.2 : Redundancy Connections - IP Redundancy Subview