IdP Search Attribute Field UI glitch in IE
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IdP Search Attribute Field UI glitch in IE


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Found an IE UI glitch when customizing branding. It only happens after hiding IdP header, footer and left menu while this does not happen in Chrome. Not tested in any other browsers yet. Is there anything one can do to remediate this?


Component: IDSVA


This is not a defect and working as design.

The way 'Branding' works is as follows:

The CSS rules you add on admin UI are injected onto the sigma HTML pages, from that point on it is up to the web browser to interpret how the page would be rendered. This has nothing to do with sigma, and as there are different web browsers, created by different companies, there are different rendering behaviors.

There is nothing we can do here, customer is responsible for their CSS rules and figure out by themselves. e.g use different rules.