Connector Xpress - DB connector - create user ok, but unable to access newly created user
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Connector Xpress - DB connector - create user ok, but unable to access newly created user


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We are implementing a fairly easy connector with CX, for an Oracle DB table containing users (JDBC DYN connector).
The connector is correctly deployed on the provisioning server, explore process works fine and gets all the available accounts.
When creating a new account (e.g.: TEST765), it is correctly created in the Oracle database, but if you try to access the newly created account from the provisioning server, you get the following error:
Connector Server Read failed: code 32 (NO_SUCH_OBJECT): failed on search operation:
The account is there also in the provisioning store, but not accessible (tested from the Provisioning Manager UI). 
After running a new explore and correlate process, the account became visible from provisioning manager.


A quick analysis of the eta transaction log showed me that the Connector Server Search requests
failed (edit properties try after creation) when eTDYNAccountName="TEST765" and
succeeded (edit again but after E&C process)  when eTDYNAccountName="TEST765 " (one extra blank at the end).

Also Account ID (eTDYNAccountName) column type is defined as CHAR(8) for the user Oracle table.

Oracle trails blanks with CHAR type.
When you assign a character value to a CHAR variable, if the value is shorter than the declared length of the variable, SQL blank-pads the value to the declared length.


Change the definition for the account ID column into the table to VARCHAR2(8).