JCLCheck Workload Automation Video Link
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JCLCheck Workload Automation Video Link


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


JCLCheck Workload Automation has recorded videos on various JCLCheck topics.  

This will provide the link to the videos.


Component: JCLCHK


Here is is the link for the INDEX for the JCLCheck videos.

CA JCLCheck Workload Automation Video and Recorded Webcast Index

Below are the description of the videos.

Video: How to use the JCLCheck Workload Automation ISPF panel interface.
This video takes you through each JCLCheck ISPF panels, demonstrates how to execute JCLCheck in Foreground mode, in Batch mode, and how to troubleshoot some commonly known problems when using the interface.


VIDEO: Using EDCHECK for JCLCheck Workload Automation
Video will demonstrate the setup requirements for the use of EDCHECK in ISPF/TSO. Quick debugging tools will also be demonstrated.


VIDEO: This video is no longer applicable.  Contact Broadcom Support if you need assistance downloading software or maintenance. 


VIDEO: How to validate JCL on a remote system.
This video will demonstrate how to validate a JCL member using the JCLCheck ChekPlex facility.


As always, please contact Broadcom Support for JCLCheck if you have further questions.