PIM: What does PIM modify?
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PIM: What does PIM modify?


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Since CA modifies the PAM module during the CA installation, what values were modified during the installation?
How about new security-related files that are installed with packages?


Component: SEOSU


We add these lines into the system-auth file, which is then symbolivally linked to other system-auth files in the /etc/pam.d directory. 

auth optional pam_seos.so 
account optional pam_seos.so 
password sufficient pam_seos.so 
session optional pam_seos.so 

You can view the AccessControl_Install.log to see everything we modify or touch during runtime installation. You will see a lot of symbolic links being created between library files being created and laid down during installation, and which files we are creating and also which files we are appending to which already exist.