TMSCLEAN is ending with RC04 without any related message
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TMSCLEAN is ending with RC04 without any related message


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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


TMSCLEAN with PARM='SCRATCHLIST' is ending with RC04 without any error message or warning in TMS REPORT-85.
What could be the cause of the non zero return code?


Release: ONE...00200-14.0-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT


If there is no warning or error message in TMS REPORT-85 check the UNCATALOG INDICATOR in TMS REPORT-05 created by
EARL Source TMECLN01. In case of a LOCATE or UNCATALOG failure this field contains LE= or UE= with the corresponding return code.
Since CA 1 Release 12.6 PTF RO34565 these failures are causing a return code of 4.

Following the description of PTF RO34565:

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                 
When TMSCLEAN is run for SCRATCHLIST on a tape volume and a failure  
occurs with the locate or uncatalog, the return code is 00. This is  
misleading due to an unsuccessful locate or uncatalog. With this PTF,
a return code of 4 will be returned, signaling the user to check the
report for locate and uncatalog errors.                              
Return code of 0 incorrectly leads user to assume that all           
operations completed successfully.                                   
If the file was not correctly un-cataloged, later production         
jobs may experience not-catalog-2 error conditions.