How to Submit an Enhancement Request for Broadcom Continuous Testing Delivery/App Dev Products
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How to Submit an Enhancement Request for Broadcom Continuous Testing Delivery/App Dev Products


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools) CA Agile Requirements Designer Service Virtualization CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


If you would like to request a certain feature to be added to the product, or you have an idea for improving it,
this is the process for creating an enhancement request for The following products:


  • Agile Requirements Designer:
    • ARD Studio (Desktop client)
    • ARD Hub

  • Service Virtualization:
    • Identity Access Manager (IAM)
    • Enterprise Dashboard
    • Registry
    • Virtual Service Environment
    • DevTest Portal
    • DevTest Workstation (Desktop client)
    • Virtual Service Catalog
    • Broker/Agents

  • Test Data Manager:
    • TDM Portal
    • GT DataMaker
    • GT Subset
    • Javelin
    • Fast Data Masker (FDM) 
    • TDM Mainframe Add On


CA Agile Requirements Designer - All components. All product versions

Service Virtualization - All components. All product versions.

CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- All components. All product versions. 


Open a Support Case and Provide the following information:

  1. Product version and component that you are working with:
    For example, TDM Portal version, DevTest Portal 10.7.2, or ARD Hub 3.3.1

  2.  Detailed Use case of the enhancement request.

  3. Screens shots with examples of what you would like to see done.

  4. Environment information such as OS type and database type support and version.

  5. Any additional information you might think needs to be included. Copies of artifacts that will help the software development team recreate your use case is always extremely helpful, and will speed up the development process.

Next steps:

  1. Support will present this information to the Product management and Software development team.

  2. The Product Management team will review the request, and determine if this is something that can be considered for implementation in a future release of the product. 
    1. If the request is accepted, Support will be provided with a tracking number for the enhancement request.
    2. If the request is denied, the Support engineer will be notified as to why the request cannot be implemented.

  3. Support will provide you with an update containing the tracking number for the enhancement request, or the reason why the request was denied.

  4. Once you have acknowledged the update, or a reasonable time has passed, the support case will be closed in accordance with the Broadcom Software Maintenance Policy. - Section Case Closure. Case Closure
We will close a case under the following circumstances:

  1. We have provided a solution that addresses your problem.
  2. You have told us that you no longer need us to work on the problem.
  3. We both agree to close the case.
  4. We have repeatedly tried to contact you about your problem and you do not respond.
  5. We make a good faith determination that the problem is likely not resolvable even with the investment of reasonable time
    and resources.
  6. We determine that your product is operating materially in accordance with its documentation.
  7. We have explained that we may consider addressing your problem in a future release.
  8. We feel the problem is not caused by the Broadcom product.
  9. A workaround mitigates the issue.

If you still need assistance on the same problem after we have closed a case, you may open a new case, which we will cross-reference with your original case.

Additional Information

If a follow-up is required, please contact your Broadcom Account Manager, or CSM, and provide them with the tracking number of the enhancement. They can reach out to the Product Management team for an update.

Alternatively, If you don't know your Account Manager, or CSM, you can open a new support case asking for an update. Please provide the tracking number, and Support can reach out to the Product Management team for an update. Once Support provides you with the update, the support case will be closed.