Sample front-end program for rebuilding user-owned indexed sets
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Sample front-end program for rebuilding user-owned indexed sets


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This document contains a sample program for using as a front-end to MAINTAIN INDEX for rebuilding a user-owned indexed set.

The MAINTAIN INDEX utility as supplied can only rebuild system-owned indexes.

To rebuild user-owned indexes, you must use a user-written front-end program and then invoke the utility.

This KD contains a sample of such a program.


CA-IDMS - all supported releases.


Download the attached zip file.

It contains cobol source and some sample JCL.

* Does not contain normal DML statements. You specify the names of the subschema/areas/records/sets involved and the DML calls are coded with native CALL statements.
* Can be instructed to read the records via the index (down) or to sweep the member records and obtain their owners (up).
* Can also be instructed to limit the processing to only one instance of the user-owned indexed set.
* Supports multiple page groups for when the owner and member are in different segments with different page groups.

See the comments in the attached files for more detailed instructions.

*Note: Other versions of this program have previously been provided under the names RBLDINDX and IDMSRUOX.

**Note: This source of the program provided in this Knowledge Document was last updated on July 19, 2017.

Additional Information

For more information, see the following IDMS TechDocs page:

MAINTAIN INDEX (in particular, scroll down to the sub-heading Maintaining user-owned indexes.)

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