CA Process Automation Managementconsole.timeout setting
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CA Process Automation Managementconsole.timeout setting


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How to change Managementconsole.timeout value from default value to a desired value


Release:  Process Automation 4.3.x


For versions 4.3 SP03 and later, this setting is no longer controlled using the file.

To modify the setting, log into the Process Automation UI as an administrator: 

1) Select the Configuration tab.
2) Expand Orchestrators and select your orchestrator.
3)Lock the orchestrator and on the right select the Configuration Properties tab.
4)Under common properties you will see the parameter managementconsole.timeout with the default setting of 30 (minutes).
5)Change this to a value appropriate for your environment and click on a blank location on this page to move the cursor off of the property. 
6) In the upper left click on Save, and then unlock the orchestrator. 


Additional Information

For environments that have been upgraded to 4.3 SP03 or later from earlier versions where the parameter was part of the file, the parameter will still be listed, but it does absolutely nothing. It will not be modified when the configuration properties in the UI is modified, and any change that is done in the file will not be honored.