CYBXD000 S0C4 at 19DD93C0 LMOD CYBXR001
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CYBXD000 S0C4 at 19DD93C0 LMOD CYBXR001


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ESP Workload Automation


Our ESP master task has abended twice over the weekend. The 1st time was with a S0C4. (see below). The 2nd time was a S878. On Friday a big APPL was changed into a HUGE APPL. Both abends have occured right after a load of this APPL. The S878 makes sense if the problem is due to the APPL size. But how about the S0C4? In both cases, we were able to successfully restart the ESP master with no problem. We are in the process of reworking the APPL. We just put on ESP maintenance on 3/10/2018 -- high PTF# RO98974.

CCSR010E CYBXD000 S0C4 at 19DD93C0 LMOD CYBXR001 CSECT CYBXS000 +0005C0 ESPM N/A ESPM SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4 REASON CODE=00000011 TIME=00.03.04 SEQ=43242 CPU=0000 ASID=0063 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078C2000 99DD93C0 ILC 4 INTC 11 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=19DC1000 OFFSET=000183C0 NAME=CYBXR001 DATA AT PSW 19DD93BA - A004A7F4 005CBF1F 50344780 AR/GR 0: 000000FF/00000046 1: 00000000/1D8A7E88 2: 00000000/1A09466C 3: 00000000/00000006 4: 00000000/00000000 5: 00000000/00003210 6: 00000000/0000000A 7: 00000000/99DD9300 8: 00000000/1D5C9350 9: 00000000/99DD9282 A: 00000000/1A0944C0 B: 00000000/0001CCD0 C: 00000000/99DD8E00 D: 00000000/1A094418 E: 00000000/00000005 F: 00000000/00000000 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP IRX0251E User abend code 0914, reason code 00802816. IRX0255E Abend in host command MULTIRUN or address environment routine ESP. Thanks! Cathy


Component: ESPWA


Changes were made to the application that caused the application to loop in a REXXON loop. This caused ESP to exhaust storage and abend.