BEST PRACTICES for DevTest Database Troubleshooting
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BEST PRACTICES for DevTest Database Troubleshooting


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


DevTest Database troubleshooting.


All supported DevTest releases and platforms.




Verify you are using an enterprise database like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Azure SQL.  H2 and Derby is strictly for demo purposes only.

Verify your database instance is up and running.

Verify character set you are using for your external database, DevTest requires UTF-8 which is a 16-bit implementation.

Verify credentials being used to start the Enterprise Dashboard and Registry; not only must they be valid, but also have authority to Create, Read, Update and Delete tables as well as Alter on startup of both components.

Verify if a database password has expired and needs to be reset.

Verify connection string.  If you are sure your connection string is valid, use another JDBC database tool to connect to your database outside DevTest.  All DevTest components must be able to connect to the external database, so verify you can telnet to port the external database is running on.

Verify you are using the supported drivers.  Other drivers like jtds are not supported even though they may work.  The drivers specified to use in the and files is what you should be using.

Verify Schema.  IAM, Enterprise Dashboard and Registry must each have their own schema.  Follow the documentation as to supported databases and the recommended size for each.

Do regular Database Maintenance.  Make sure your database has regular maintenance which includes checking for signs of corruption in the database, looking for problem areas, verifying it has all the required indexes (compare to DDL delivered with release), removing duplicate records, making sure database is not getting full and checking for any abnormalities in the database that might signal a problem.  Run statistics regularly.  Do reorgs as needed.  Also refer to this link: Routine Database Maintenance Tasks

If there is still an issue after verifying all of the above, please open a support case from the Broadcom Support Portal.

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