Upgrade to the latest Tomcat with Web Viewer 12.1
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Upgrade to the latest Tomcat with Web Viewer 12.1


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The Tomcat update installer places the latest Apache Tomcat version under the OM Web Viewer installation folder. This will not replace the existing Apache Tomcat files.

It will copy the OM Web Viewer WAR files and associated application folders from the current Tomcat's webapps folder.

IMPORTANT: The update installer only preserves the Apache Tomcat port number customization. If any additional Apache Tomcat customization (such as SSL has been performed, these must be done again for the new Tomcat.

This new version of Tomcat is provided because of vulnerabilities found in the previously installed version. 


Apache Tomcat

Web Viewer 12.1


Post-Install Instructions


  1. Review the prior Tomcat's /conf folder for customization.  If any files have been customized, make the same changes to the new Tomcat's /conf folder.        Note: Copy/replace of /conf files is not recommended UNLESS you can confirm the older Tomcat's /conf files are compatible with the newer Tomcat.
  2. Review your Apache Tomcat start-up procedures.
  3. For Windows, the Tomcat update installer for Windows (EXE) will update the Windows Service to reference the new Tomcat location. Review this service to ensure proper update.  Set the service's start-up type to automatic if you had this setting previously.
  4. If Tomcat was started on Windows via BAT files (not as a service), review, update and use the BAT files under the (newer) Tomcat's /bin folder.



Additional Information

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