How-To Backup Custom Jaspersoft Adhoc Reports
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How-To Backup Custom Jaspersoft Adhoc Reports


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CA Spectrum


Is there a way to backup the work we do for Ad Hoc custom reports or any other customizations we manage in Jaspersoft?


Release: Jasper 6.3 and 6.4.x
Component: SPCJSP


You can run a command which comes shipped with Jaspersoft which will export your Jaspersoft files into a compressed folder. You can also re-import the same compressed folder to restore the data. 

1. Log into the Jasper system

2. cd to the <JASPER ROOT>/buildomatic directory and run the following command:

./js-export --output-zip <backup filename>.zip --everything 

3. To import it, run this: 

./js-import --input-zip <backupfilename>.zip

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