Using multiple C1DEFLTS table
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Using multiple C1DEFLTS table


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We are trying to upgrade from ENDEVOR v16.0 to v18.0  I need assistance on how to be able to access both environments from one LPAR. Some background: We have a RESERVE and an ACTIVE set of ENDEVORs. I have created two separate TSO logon PROCs and that works just fine.  I have created another CSIQAUTU for the ACTIVE environment but when I try to run a test process, I get the CSIQAUTU, CSIQAUTH & CSIQLOAD for the RESERVE environment. Help!


Release: ENDAE.00200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager


Use this to run two seperate c1deflts table:

*   Allocate a new CSIQAUTU,  CSIQCLSO,  and  CSIQSENU specific to the area that will be using the 
    alternate C1DEFLTS table.

*   Create and assemble / link into the NEW CSIQAUTU your modified C1DEFLTS table.

*   Copy C1SB3000 from your standard CSIQSENU into your NEW CSIQSENU.

*   Modify C1SB3000 in your NEW CSIQSENU.  Steplib to your new CSIQAUTU first then any other loadlibs.

*   Copy ENDEVOR/MVS clist from your standard clist  to you new CSIQCLSO library

*   Modify the Steplib definitions to include your NEW CSIQAUTU first then any other loadlibs.

*   Modify CSIQSENU definitions to inclue your new CSIQSENU first the any other CSIQSENU

*   You will have to change the TSO primary option panel for the area using the NEW C1DEFLTS
     table to point to the modified Endevor clist.