Table information and the data contained for Clarity PPM and DWH
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Table information and the data contained for Clarity PPM and DWH


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You're looking to create a new report or portlet, and you need information on items like the table names, the primary keys, and where to find specific data in those tables. This includes data on items like resources, tasks, project, investments, etc., so it would be helpful to have the table names and the data stored within them.

Where can you find table information and the data contained within them for the Clarity PPM Schema and the Data Warehouse Schema?


All supported Clarity environments.


  • The database schema documentation provides information on the above. Items like the table names, what they store, the primary keys, and the columns contained within them can be found in the schema documentation.
    • 1) Navigate to the Clarity Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index
    • 2) Under the Release column, find the release version your environment is on
    • 3) Click on the Clarity Database Schema or Data Warehouse Database Schema links to download the documentation for that schema for the specific database vendor you are using
    • 4) Extract the contents of the download and then open the index.html file into a browser
    • From there, you'll see the tables contained within that schema on the left side of the page, and information on the tables on the right. This should provide insight on where certain data is stored, the tables to query for that data, and the data type it is stored in.
  • There is also available ERD Diagrams Clarity Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  • Alternatively, the out of the box 'Clarity Schema' and 'Data Warehouse Schema' PMO reports can be run to obtain these details: Clarity / DWH Schema Reports