Fix Download Instructions - Mainframe and Distributed
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Fix Download Instructions - Mainframe and Distributed


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The Support Portal supports the downloading of solutions to your PC. Some of these solutions are ASCII text and some are binary. These instructions also apply to PTF's, APAR's and solution packages.


Component: XSX


To download all files associated with a solution click on the blue "Download Solution" button toward the top right of the solution's detail page.  Clicking the Download Solution button will present you with the available options that can be used for downloading.

If a solution has multiple files you can download specific files by clicking on the "Download Now" icon next to the file you wish to download within the Solutions Download section of the solution's detail page.

If the solution is for a mainframe product, you will have to transfer the file from your PC to the mainframe. Please note the following:
ASCII text solutions should be transferred to the mainframe using the "ASCII" or "CRLF" parameters. (CRLF means carriage return - line feed). This will cause the solution text to be translated to EBCDIC and will retain the original LRECL 80 format.

Most '.bin' files contain object or source module replacements. Some '.bin' files contain complete executables for non-mainframe platforms. They MUST NOT be treated as ASCII files. When transferring these files to the mainframe, please specify the "BINARY" transfer option. Since the data is stored in EBCDIC on the FTP server of StarTCC, binary transfer to your PC and then to your mainframe will result in retention of the original hex character values. Be sure that the resultant file on your mainframe is LRECL 80 and FIXED format.

If you are having difficulty getting the mainframe file in a fixed format, or the text is 'wrapping', try pre-allocating the file on the mainframe, and then upload the file into it.

NOTE REGARDING MVS/SMP SOLUTIONS: The FTP process puts a final carriage-return/line-feed at the end of the file. This will result in a blank line at the end of the solution. You will need to remove this blank line before running your SMP job to avoid SMP errors.

Each ".LOADMOD" file contains an MVS load module in NET DATA format. Treat these as BINARY. Be sure that the resultant file on your mainframe is LRECL 80 and FIXED format. Once the data is uploaded to your mainframe, you must "RECEIVE" the file into a PDS. Here is sample JCL that you can modify for your installation:



Important: NEVER receive a file into an existing file. Always allocate a new load library for the load module you are about to receive. Differences in blocksize can cause PDS corruption during a receive.