Sample CICS COBOL and other Datacom programs
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Sample CICS COBOL and other Datacom programs


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Datacom Datacom/DB


Where are the Datacom CICS Services (DBC) program samples? 


Datacom CICS Services


Sample online programs that use the sample User Requirements Table DBURT001 to access DatacomĀ®/DB through CICS. The programs, which are not Transaction ID dependent, are written in command-level in Assembler, COBOL, and PL/I. All of these programs run on IBM 3270 type devices (screen size 24 rows by 80 columns).

Only DCCACPR, DCCALPR, and DCCASPR are assembled as a part of the installation procedure. To test the other sample programs, assemble or compile the programs and link the modules. The source for the other sample programs can be found in the Datacom CICS Services CAB1MAC library. The sample programs are as follows:

Transaction ID Program Name Level
DBAC DCCACPR Assembler command-level
DBAL DCCALPR Assembler command-level DBLC sample
DBAS DCCASPR Assembler command-level DBLC sample for OTE testing
DBCC DCCCCPR COBOL command-level
DBJC DCCJCPR JAVA program with RAAT interface
DBJD DCJDBPR JDBC program interface (using CA DatacomĀ® Server
DBPC DCCPCPR PL/I command-level
DBSQ DCSQLPR COBOL command-level using SQL commands
DBXA DCCXAPR Assembler command-level

Additional Information

Refer to  Datacom Tools - 15.1 "Using Datacom CICS Services" section "Linking Application Programs"