Cannot change EULA for existing APIS
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Cannot change EULA for existing APIS


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CA API Management SaaS CA API Gateway


The PAPI portal have list of calls which can be used to perform various operations on various entities. The details of PAPI calls can be found here

Our legal team requires us to publish a new EULA text on our API Portal. However, this EULA is already linked to an API, which applications are already using. How can we activate the new EULA, without causing downtime or interruptions to existing applications using this API on production? Editing APIs to choose a new EULA is also not allowed. Deleting or Deactivating the API will cause unavailability for all applications using it. We need to be able to do these kinds of things without any impact.


CA API Developer Portal SaaS


1. Create a new EULA( using POST /apiEulas) copy the uuid of this eula
2. Do PUT on /Apis{('{uuid'}') and update the eula uuid
3. Do GET on /Apis{('{uuid'} to confirm if eula id has been changed.

Additional Information

We recommend to test the changes in lower environment first.