How to Read /etc/cai.netmaster.syslogd.pipe file
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How to Read /etc/cai.netmaster.syslogd.pipe file


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP



I see where messages are being sent here: /etc/cai.netmaster.syslogd.pipe
What is this? How do I read it?


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.2-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


The file/etc/cai.netmaster.syslogd.pipe - is a pipe that should be defined in Netmaster for TCP/IP  under /PARMS SYSLOGD as the Named Pipe.

The  filename can vary and be under different a different directory depending on your environmental standards and how you defined it. The default definition is
/etc/nmtcpip.region_acb_name.syslogd.pipe (region_acb_name is the name of the primary ACB for the region.)

The SyslogD parameter group will attempt to open the pipe when it starts or is restarted (actioning with PF6). The parameter group attempts to restart SyslogD. When the named pipe is operational then the messages appear in the activity log and can also be used by the SyslogD event detector.

Details regarding configuration can be found in the Implementing Guide here