CA XCOM for z/OS XCOMM0780E TXPI 215 RC 140
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CA XCOM for z/OS XCOMM0780E TXPI 215 RC 140


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


We currently have been getting XCOMM0780E TXPI 215 RC 140 errors. There are no network errors.  Would the next step be to check the server in question? The transfers that failed, were reran successfully upon a retry. 


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS
Component: XCMVS


  1. Maintenance is missing
  2. Socket errors "140" are almost ALWAYS due to a network problem. The code means that there was a "broken pipe" - which means that some leg of the connection was disrupted. 



RO84299 XCOMM0780E TXPI 215 RC 140 OR TXPI 228 must be applied.

Otherwise XCOM doesn't have any responsibility in causing or preventing this condition, nor do we have responsibility when a network component returns an error to a network I/O request. We simply report the ERRNO (error code) returned to us from TCP/IP in response to a send/recv/select socket call. 

In any case, without logs and traces from BOTH partners, it will be impossible to do any investigation into what actually happened. Even at that, the best we can see is where we got the return code from the socket call. If XCOM had encountered a failure in its code, the error code would have been something other than "140".. 

XCOM doesn't manage network connections, we simply request them, use them, and subsequently terminate them when we no longer need them.