Rally - Performance: Troubleshooting slow-loading pages or work items
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Rally - Performance: Troubleshooting slow-loading pages or work items


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Users experiencing slow page load times, slow page updates, blank page on login or during navigation, or general latency in their SaaS (web-based) subscription.



Here are tips and tricks to check when investigating performance issues in your Rally subscription. 

Browser Issues
Networking Issues
Working with Support

Browser Issues 

Performance issues can be related to an outdated browser, add-ons/extensions, VPN slowness, or specific configurations in browsers.

  • Please see our Browser Support page to find out if your browser and version are supported
  • What add-ons/plugins/extensions do you have running? Do any of them check against or flat-out disable javascript? These types of extensions will definitely cause page load errors. Loading a page in an incognito or InPrivate Window can help determine if a plug-in/add-on/extension is causing the issue.
  • Is Internet Explorer slow?
  • Use Google Chrome, it tends to have better performance than Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.


Networking Issues 

Anything from your personal networking equipment to your local service provider can result in high latency and slow load times. This is most likely a factor if you experience load-time issues at one location or machine but not another (i.e. it's fine at work, but slow from home).
Things to check:

  • Is your computer hard wired or using wireless to access the internet? Wireless is sometimes less performant.
  • Are you experiencing slow load times on websites other than Rally?
  • Test your connection speed at http://www.bandwidthplace.com/
  • Is there an unusually large amount of network activity happening when trying to access your subscription (streaming, downloading, etc.) that is concurrent with your slow load times?
  • Has your ISP (Internet Service Provider) reported any issues/outages in the area?
  • Does your connection to your modem/router drop frequently?
  • Flush your DNS and release/renew your IP address if you are having overall latency issues (not just with your subscription).


Working with Support

If you are opening a case with CA Support regarding performance issues with Rally, please provide the following information. We do understand this is long list; the more details we receive from you, the more thorough we can be in our investigation, as there are many potential causes that contribute to performance issues. 

1. For users experiencing latency, please provide the following:
  • Full usernames for at least two to three users.
  • Browser/Version and OS is being used, for the same users.
2. Geographically, where are you and the users experiencing this issue located? 
3. Please provide specific dates and times (including the time zone) for which slowdowns were experienced. This will help narrow the scope of the search. 
4. What pages/sections of Rally are slow? Are there any specific actions that fail or cause slowdowns? If yes, please provide the details of the actions.
5. Please send us the results after visiting each of the following URLs: 
6. Please send us a screenshot of the results after visiting the following URL:
7. From a command prompt in Windows (or Terminal app on Mac), please share the results of running the command: 
tracert rally1.rallydev.com

8. Do you know if you are using a proxy? - if you are not sure, please provide what browser you are using and we will send instructions to help. 

9. Are the users experiencing this working remotely and connecting through a VPN? 

10. Are the users hard-wired to the internet or using WiFi? 

Additional Information

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