CA Gen: Mainframe - Set User ID to Client User ID (tuxedo)
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CA Gen: Mainframe - Set User ID to Client User ID (tuxedo)


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In the process of converting several applications from MVS blockmode to a java web-based application using TUXEDO/JOLT (server side).

The need is for the USER ID (server side) to be equal to the client user id defined on the client. 

The MAINFRAME change was done by editing the 

However, the equivalent is needed in the Tuxedo exit (, but haven’t found anything appropriate. 

How can this be achieved on the client side?


In the generated JVF files, there is always one user_id entry, 8 characters long. This is the user id system view that is used on the Tuxedo server side.

The CA Gen Java runtime invokes the TuxDynamicSecurityExit getInstance method, passing the Client User Id to the newUserId parameter, which is then stored in the userId field.
In the TuxDynamicSecurityExit class, create a call to the joltService.setString(), truncating the userId to 8 characters.