LSCH DATE(pagemode) doesn't show the scheduled event
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LSCH DATE(pagemode) doesn't show the scheduled event


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ESP Workload Automation


The LSCH DATE command in pagemode does not show the scheduled event.  Why? 


Release: 12.0
Component: ESP Workload Automation


  • The LISTSCH/LSCH command displays events from the current time up to the next scheduled scan, which is normally at 6 am. events triggered with the ADD option are displayed on a LISTSCH command, even if the trigger time is past the next scan time. 

ESP knows only about only first next occurrence of the event trigger. For more entries, the command NEXT has to be used.

  • The NEXT command displays the next scheduled executions of an event. The NEXT command lets you specify the number of execution times you want to test, up to a maximum of 99. As long as your event contains at least one SCHEDULE or EXPECT command, CA WA ESP Edition computes the execution times and dates for the number of executions you specify.

EVENT MANAGEMENT (E.5) can also be used to check the next schedules. For example: 

                         Display next execution times                
Complete EVENT NAME, and COUNT, then press ENTER                     
EVENT PREFIX ===> XXXXXXX            (Blank defaults to group name)  
EVENT NAME   ===> send                                               
COUNT        ===> 2                 (Blank defaults to 1)           

SCHED AT 09.05.00 ON THURSDAY MAY 10TH, 2018  
SCHED AT 09.06.00 ON THURSDAY MAY 10TH, 2018    

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LISTSCH command:

NEXT command: