CA InterTest Keep Window and stepping issues
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CA InterTest Keep Window and stepping issues


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If experiencing several problems like:
- enter "KEEP" but the InterTest Keep Window doe not appear
- trying to adjust Keep Window size using KS - the Keep Window does still now appear
- trying to view the working storage variables using DISPLAY option is displaying only one variable always
- trying to use the command "next", instead of taking the execution to next line, it always takes you to next para
- unable to setup conditional break points
- while staying at an unconditional break point in the very next move statement and issue command "GO" the execution should stop at the next line where the break point is, but it is completing the job execution


Component: INTERT


All the incorrect behavior described above, happened to one user and the root cause was that his COBOL 5.1.1 program was compiled with OPT(2).
All worked fine when using the OPT(0) compile option.
See "Additional Information" below, please.

Additional Information

See topic "Debug Optimized Applications" here: 
An extract:
"During optimization, a compiler often relocates individual instructions, statements, or even entire paragraphs. If instructions are moved to another statement or if statements in a paragraph are moved to another paragraph, the resulting object program and listing might not accurately represent the relationship between the source statements and their generated object code, or even between a paragraph label and the statements contained within the paragraph. As a result, there might be times when the breakpoint intercept does not occur, or when the wrong sequence of statements appears to be executed while single-stepping. There might also be times when the debugger appears to highlight the wrong statement at a breakpoint intercept."
"For the best debugging results, avoid using optimization whenever possible in your testing environment. ..."