Create a new symbolic in an Endevor Processor Group
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Create a new symbolic in an Endevor Processor Group


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We are upgrading DB2 and we have updated the DB2 pre-compiler step to reference the new DB2 libraries. This works fine for our Test and Unit test environments but fails in Production because PROD still uses the old version of DB2. 

How can we set up a symbolic that we can override the data set name for Production?


Release: ENDAE.00200-18-Endevor-Software Change Manager


1)  Edit the processors in QE and add  a new processor symbolic in the PROC section at the top of the processor:

2)  In the pre-compiler step or steps (SQLSBD  , SQLSBDUO  and SQLSBDW   have multiple DSNHPC steps in them) add the following DD statement to the STEPLIB:
//         DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&ZRUNLIB   

3)  Save the change.

4)  Logon on to the Endevor Classic ISPF interface and select the PRODMVS Environment
5)  Go to     4  ENVIRONMENT   >   6  PROCESSOR GROUP
6)  Type  a  U in Option field at the top of the screen and fill in the System,  Type , Stage 1 and Group name
7)  Tab down to the Generate processor and type a U next to it
8)  Tab down to the ZDB2EXIT  symbolic and type an o in the -/O field and enter the Production data set name - SYSDB2.DSNP.SDSNEXIT
9)   Hit enter and then PF3 out -  you will get a confirmation message that the symbolic was updated in the upper right.
10)  Repeat for Stage 2.
11)  Repeat steps 6-10 for all Processor groups