My NFA Harvester is at 90% disk utilization
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My NFA Harvester is at 90% disk utilization


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


NFA Harvester is warning that it is at or above 90% Disk Utilzation.


NFA All Versions


When collecting a high amount of data, or if you drives are not large enough as per the NFA System Requirements your drive may fill up to 90%. 
The CA NFA Data Retention Service on each Harvester is set by default to always maintain 10% free disk space.
The default Watchdog settings is set to warn about disk utilization when you are over 80%.
As long as the CA NFA Data Retention Service and the CA NFA Reaper service are running, you should not be concerned if NFA is is warning about 90% disk utilization. 


To work around the warning messages you have several options.

1. Increase the disk space to meet the NFA System Requirements.

2. Go to Administration->Watchdog Settings and set the "Disk Threshold" to over 95%, click save and recycle the "Netqos ReporterAnalyzer Watchdog Service".

3. You can change the freeSpacePercentage setting in the data_retention database by running:

mysql data_retention
update settings set value=20 where name='freeSpacePercentage';

Then recycle the CA NFA Data Retention Service

The example above would make sure the harvester does not go over 80% free space.

Additional Information

Note if the CA NFA Reaper Service is down, you will see files building up in the \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ReaperInput\ directory and they will not get pruned by the Data Retention service.  If this is the case you may need to delete some or all of those files in order to get the Reaper service running and ensure your drive does not fill up.

If you suspect there are issues with the Data Retention service itself you can check the \CA\NFA\Netflow\logs\DataRetention*.log file for details.