How to activate the CA Scheduler Job Management DSN criteria to kick off a job at a close of a data set?
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How to activate the CA Scheduler Job Management DSN criteria to kick off a job at a close of a data set?


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Scheduler Job Management


The DSN criteria keyword is coded on a schedule or job criteria record when that schedule or job must wait for a file to be updated before the schedule or job can run. This Knowledge Document describes what needs to be done to activate this predecessor.


Release: SCHED.00200-11-Scheduler-Job Management


In order for the DSN criteria to work, the following must be done:

  • An SMF 15 record is generated when the data set is created. (Programs such as IEFBR14 does not generate a SMF 15 record or a rename of a dataset.)
  • The schedule or job criteria record must contain: DSN datasetname.
  • The CA ENF event DSCLOSE must be activated.   The following statements must be present in your CA ENF ENFPARMS dd dataset:
  • The CA Scheduler JM option CAS9 ENF DSCLOSE must be set to YES.

Note that when the DSCLOSE event is activated, every file I/O will trigger an event. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary overhead, the DSCLOSE event must be filtered out using the following ENF commands:

SELECT(DSCLOSE,DSN,EQ, = all I/O to "" is captured by CA ENF., I/O to other data sets are not captured.

SCREEN(DSCLOSE,ACCESS,EQ,INPUT) = blocks out the DSCLOSE event if the data set is open read-only.

The SELECT and SCREEN commands are CA ENF startup options.

Caution: Depending on your site processing and the volume of data set closes, the use of DSN criteria may not be recommended. Processing large numbers of DSCLOSE events can cause performance issues with CA Scheduler JM.

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Scheduler if you have further questions.