Question about CA Common Services ZOS/DATACOM
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Question about CA Common Services ZOS/DATACOM


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Datacom DATACOM - AD


Customer find out that product being listed and wondering what the product is about.

He needs to know which current products he has and if they can be used with that operating system or whether he needs to upgrade the release of his products. 

I am still confused as to what is meant by CA COMMON SERVICES ZOS/DATACOM. This is what I see as being listed as a product


z/os, CA Datacom/AD


That product being listed can be ignored since it is not a CA Product.

Per CCS colleagues, it is supposed to be removed from some list and it is not done yet.

CA Products are listed in the link below which displays the z/os compatibility matrix for all supported CA Products.


Additional Information

as of 5/9/2018:
The current supported release for CA Common Services is CCS 14.1.

The current supported releases for CA Datacom/AD is 14.0 and 15.0. 

CA COMMON SERVICES ZOS/DATACOM could possibly refer to ENF product under CA Datacom/AD, but this not a correct appellation.