Unable to run HiDRO; tape mounts issued for wrong poolname
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Unable to run HiDRO; tape mounts issued for wrong poolname


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VM:Backup for z/VM VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


I had VMTAPE configured with both IBM TS7700 and EMC DLm hardware and tapes. I had converted HiDRO to use the newer EMC DLm tape pools. Last week, I reconfigured VMTAPE to remove old IBM TS7700 tapes and hardware. I updated HIDROs configuration to also remove the old tape pool and volumes. When my weekly HiDRO jobs try to run, the mounts from HIDRO are being issued with the wrong tape pool name: HIDRO 0228 VMTCMD1111I Beginning command: MOUNT VE7540 350 DSN HIDRO.FULLPACK ( LABEL SL WRITE HIDRO 0228 VMTCMD1246I ENHANCED DEN ENHXF UNIT 3490E POOL HIDR7700 EXPDT 2018/155 The HIDR7700 pool no longer exists. The volume VE7540 is not in the HIDR7700 pool. It is in the HIDRDLM pool. I cannot find any reference to HIDR7700 on the HIDRO or SYBMON user-ids. I need some help to find where my definitions are corrupted.


Component: HIDRO


HiDRO's exit stub, SYBVMTXX EXEC, needed to be updated to remove old pool (HIDR7700) and add new pool (HIDRDLM).