Content Import Client (CIC) manual install.
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Content Import Client (CIC) manual install.


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Procedure to install Content Import Client (CIC) manually

The installation of Content Import Client fails during the installation of CA Client Automation server.

CICsetupcmd.log shows the error "cicuser password validation failed - password is too short - does not meet policy requirements".

The cause of this error is the ITCM installation wrapper around the Content Import Client. It supplies a random password of ten characters in length. If the organizations password complexity rules exceed this then the install will fail. The workaround is to install the Content Import Client manually. At a high level the method is as follows:

  • Install the CA MDB from the ITCM media - we need to lay down a MDB to allow us to create users manually referencing the DB
  • Manually create the cicuser account using a password which meets or exceeds password complexity rules
  • Install CIC from the ITCM media
  • Install the remaining ITCM components as you would normally - Note: the CIC install will be skipped if it already exists on the same machine


This method has been tested using the content utility (contentutility.exe) to make sure content can be imported from a remote online staging ITCM server.


All versions of CA Client Automation


Steps to complete

First, check that there is nothing left from a previous Content Import install - if an install has failed half way through you will still need to perform these steps:

Open the HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates registry key and delete the CIC key if present.

In the shared components folder ("SC") delete the CIC directory if present.

Install the CA MDB from the ITCM r12SP1 media. Mount or insert the DVD and select the "Install MDB" option.

Click Next to move on to the next screen.

Read and accept the license agreement (you will need to scroll through the agreement until the radio button becomes active)

Enter the credentials you want to use for the "ca_itrm" user. Ensure this password meets or exceeds your password strength policy

Click Next to continue.

Select "Compatibility Mode" if required. This action lays down legacy tables in to the MDB for backward compatibility with other CA products.

Click Next to continue.

Enter the destination folder for the supporting MDB files - the drive you select will be used by the full ITCM install later on, i.e. so make sure the correct drive is selected for all the product install.

Click Next to continue.

Review the input selection then click Next to begin the MDB install.

The install will take a while to complete - expect it to take around 30 minutes.

Once complete click Next to Exit the install.

The next step creates the Content Import Client?s SQL User. Open the SQL Management Studio and create a new login.

Enter Login name = "cicuser" - this must be cicuser and must not change

Select SQL Server authentication and enter the cicuser password. Make sure this password meets or exceeds the password strength policy.

Change the Default database to "mdb".

Move on to the "User Mapping" section when creating the new user and select "mdb" and the "Users mapped to this login:"

The "Database role membership for: mdb" window should then be populated with the current MDB roles installed

Select the "apmadmin" role.

Select the "ca_itrm_group" and "ca_itrm_group_ams" role.

Select the "uapmadmin_group" and "upmadmin_group"

Click Ok to create the new user.

Please review the selections you've made and ensure the user is allocated to the MDB database.

Before continuing with the Content Import client installation please review the online technical document TEC405649 - Testing connectivity to the ACME server for signature and content updates. During the installation of the client the installer will test connectivity to - performing this step will make sure the server you are installing on is capable of accessing the internet.

Up until now we have

  • Cleared down any previous references to the CIC from the registry and Shared Components folder
  • Installed the CA MDB
  • Manually created a new database user

The next step is to manually install the Content Import client from the ITCM media.

Mount or insert the DVD and go to the .\WindowsProductFiles_x86\CIC folder and select run setup.exe.

Click Next to continue.

Read and select the license agreement (you will need to scroll through the entire agreement before the I Agree button is enabled).

Enter your company and user details and make sure the "Install this application for:" is selected for "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)".

Click Next to Continue.

Depending on your chosen implementation method - you now need to select the Connection type. In most instances where the ITCM Server has access to the internet your choice will be "Internet Online, Database Connected" - the screenshots follow this method.

For more information about the other Connection Types please refer to the Content Import Client readme in the root of the CIC directory on the ITCMr12SP1 Media.

Enter the details to allow access to the SQL Server, where:

SQL Server: is the name of the server to connect to

Instance: leave blank if using the "Default" instance

Listen Port: 1433 (if the default instance or the specific port number for a named instance)

MDB Name: mdb

Administrative User: cicuser

Password: is the cicuser password you specified in the previous step

Click Next to continue.

Register DSM as the Application ID


Application Name: DSM

License Key: PMDSM-00000-00000-00001

Application ID: B1B13849-08D1-4DA6-91EA-2D278E5F00CC

MDB Role: ca_itrm_group

Click Next to continue.

For further information please review the Content Import Client readme which can be found in the root folder of the CIC install on the ITCM DVD media.

Enter your credentials to get through your Proxy Server. Click Next to Continue.

The install will try to connect to - if you see this screen re-enter your details to try again.

If the connection to the Content Server is not available (or down) at the time of installation you can always click on No and continue.

Select the Execution Mode:

Can someone please clarify this:

Select "As a Service" with "Automatic Startup"

Default is "Manual Startup"

Click Next to continue.

Load the Baseline data from the DVD - Select browse and select the ".\WindowsProductFiles_x86\CIC\baseline" and click Next to continue.

Select the installation folder

Make sure the drive letter matches the ITCM install drive

Click Next to continue.

Review all settings and click Install> to continue.

To continue with the ITCM installation re-launch the install media and select "Install CA ITCM".

Select "Modify" as the install option. The installer shows this method as we have installed the MDB from the same source earlier in these steps.

Select the major components to be installed

Click Next to Continue.

Note: If you have Remote Control and Software Delivery choose those options too.

Select the options you want to install and follow the normal ITCM installation instructions.


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