How to reorg IPMIBX MIB import/export file
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How to reorg IPMIBX MIB import/export file


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IPMIBX MIB import/export file is at 123 extents. I would like to reorg it without bringing down the Netmaster region. I know I can use UDBCTL and UNALLOC command to close and free the file and then use repro to reorg but I am not sure what options to use to reallocate and open it after that is done.


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.2-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


I would just let the product do everything for you, no need to do those manual commands.

1. First thing to do is just create a 'dummy' IPMIBX file.
2. Update IPFILES using that dummy IPMIBX file, then do an Action. (that will close, unalloc original).
3. Do your thing with the original IPMIBX file means getting it back in shape where you want it, which is:.
    3A repro out to sequential file
    3B. delete/redefine the VSAM file
    3C. repro back
4. Update IPFILEs again using the original IPMIBX file, Action, and you are good to go.
5. Delete that 'dummy' IPMIBX file.