Error in CSA: NSA-0107: Must specify a valid URL
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Error in CSA: NSA-0107: Must specify a valid URL


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When attempting to save changes in CSA/NSA, the following error is returned:
"NSA-0107: Must specify a valid URL"
This occurs regardless which tab you are on in CSA/NSA when attempting to save.


1.This error message may be due to an incorrect or invalid URL in one of the URL fields within CSA/NSA.  In this case, the URL can appear to be in the correct format, however part of the FQDN is incorrect.

For example, the URL showing in CSA/NSA is:

The URL needs to be corrected to:

2. If the domain is correct but cannot be resolved - update (work with your IT team to update) to add the IP and the hostname to the the etc/hosts file

3. This could be caused by "http://" in HTTPS field in CSA. All https fields must be set to https.