Use ApplyPTF in conjunction with a Software Delivery Job
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Use ApplyPTF in conjunction with a Software Delivery Job


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How can I use ApplyPTF in conjunction with a CA Client Automation Software Delivery job to apply CA provided fixes?

Often administrators need to apply a Support provided testfix to multiple affected machines and this document describes how this process can be automated so that you do not have to apply the fix to each individual machine one at a time.


Client Automation - all supported versions


To create a package for CA Client Automation Software Delivery to distribute applyptf fixes, follow the steps below:

  1. In a separate folder, extract the patch using cazipxp -u TXXXXXX.caz 

  2. Copy the latest applyptf.exe and applyptf.ini files to the same folder 

  3. In SD Explorer, navigate to Software Library-> All Software select on New-->Software and give a meaningful name and version information 

  4. Expand the newly created package in the left hand pane under All Software 

  5. Right-click and select 'Source' -> select 'New Volume' -> select 'From Directory', give a name and select 'Browse' button and navigate to the folder which you created above and select 'Choose' and select OK. 

  6. Now expand the Source->PackageName->FolderName and drag and drop the applyptf.exe file from the right hand pane to the "Procedures" tree item on the left hand pane. 

  7. Select Procedures->applyptf, right select and select properties 

  8. In the Embedded file tab, in the 'Parameters' text box enter the following command: 


    For example, if the test fix is TO60498, then the command would be: 


    Now close properties 

  9. Right select on the Package and select "Seal" to seal the package 

  10. Drag and drop the package to the Units/Groups to which the fix has to be applied.

Additional Information

To obtain the latest version of applyptf and cazipxp.exe and cazip.exe please visit this URL :